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Bugs Control

Bugs are different kinds include ants, termites, spiders, moths, flies, mosquitoes, and others. Almost all species of bugs count as pests because they harm crops, contaminate food, damage materials, or simply cause a nuisance to people.

Some bugs are disliked because they sting or bite-like ticks, fleas, bed bugs, ants, and wasps. Others enter the home or commercial buildings, thus invading humans’ private space such as flies that contaminate food, termites that destroy woodwork, and other creatures that scuttle about on surfaces at night, like spiders and cockroaches are often related with unsanitary conditions.

Bugs, which count as pests, can cause a series of problems such as health risks, destroy property, and cause physical damage to the building’s structure. Whether your house or office is well-kept and always, bugs still can attract to your property for various reasons. These little animals are tuff survivors, increase their population quickly, ability to adapt with surrounding easily and small enough to hide anywhere in shorts, it’s very hard to get rid of them. Therefore, it’s necessary to take the help of professionals for Bug Control. However, it also very important to select a good and reliable service provider like ABC Pest Control for long-lasting and effective solutions.

Facts about Bugs!

Here, we mentioned a few facts about bugs, so you can understand why need professional Bug Control treatment:

Bugs are fittest survivors– There are 1.5 million identified species of organisms on earth of which bugs make up nearly 2/3. They have an extraordinary ability to adapt and reproduce.

Bugs are the most numbered species– There are 10 quadrillion ants on earth at any moment means 1.4 million ants on each human (based on the human population of 7.3 billion).

Bugs are land animals– Most bugs live on land means insects cannot survive in oceans.

Bugs are older than dinosaurs– Bugs were one of the first organisms on earth, dating back to 400 million years. These ancient creatures were around 170 million years before the birth of the first dinosaur.

Protecting your property from pests since 1985- ABC Pest Control

Founded by Mark Govan in 1985, ABC has over 30 years of experience providing affordable and quality pest control services throughout the Tampa Bay area. Voted as no-1 Bug Control service provider, the company is specialized in protection against unwanted critters ranging from termites, bed bugs, bees, mosquitoes, and more. Besides, pest control services, ABC Pest Control Inc. offers professional lawn care services such as lawn fertilization, elimination of invasive or unwanted grass, weed control, and ornamental care services.

Bug Control Services offered by ABC Pest Control

The goal of ABC Pest Control is to provide top-notch services at affordable prices. The company offers a range of services includes:

  • Residential Pest Control
  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Lawn Pest Control and Fertilization
  • Termite Treatments and Inspection Services
  • Bed Bugs Control
  • Mosquito, Wasp and Bee Control
  • Tree Injections

All Year Long Quarterly Pest Control Protection

The top-rated quarterly Pest and Bug Control Service of ABC Pest Control start with a free consultation to identify current pest issues. Their professionals then create a custom plan tailored to the specific need and requirements of the customers. Experts will explain all details such as the nature of the pest, severity of the infestation, and the proposed solution to the issue. The goal of the company is to eliminate pest activity and take prevention steps to avoid any future infestation from occurring in your house or business. The quarterly plans are based on seasons- spring, summer, fall, and winter.

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Founded in 1985, ABC Pest Control is basically a family-owned pest control firm that delivers the highest quality services with customer satisfaction as the topmost priority of each technician. The goal of ABC Pest Control is to offer superior quality of services under affordable prices for its customers.

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